Lesco bill for the year 2023 checks online from here. You can also check iesco online bill as well as lesco bill check online from here. In the progress of a country, the role of its institutions is of vital importance. Because if these institutions yield their best then the Country becomes capable to administrate its affairs properly within the country as well in the International world. Pakistan is a developing country.


It has historically gotten involved in a lot of crises. These problems include those related to the economy, terrorism, the internal situation, and particularly energy issues. In the entire nation, the issue of energy shortage is of the utmost importance. There are various authorities working to maintain this problem, LESCO among them. LESCO is short for (Lahore Electric Supply Company).

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Lesco Billsiesco Bill

The WAPDA Act of 1958 established the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). In the beginning, various organizations in the public and private sectors of Pakistan provided the energy supply service.

As is clear from its name, this business was founded with the intention of resolving problems with energy. Particularly of Lahore, the provincial capital and one of Pakistan’s major cities. Through its official website, clients can access it.

Purpose of Establishing LESCO

The major goal of LESCO is to control the Kilowatt (k.W) distribution across the many Lahore neighbourhoods. Under the direction of WAPDA, staff works around the clock to assist LESCO clients with their online electricity bill problems. Additionally, it offers an online LESCO billing facility. LESCO has introduced the lesco bill online view technology for the convenience of its consumers.

This system’s goal is to make it simple for users to pay their electricity bills online. The LESCO bill clients can examine their LESCO bills online thanks to the LESCO bill view service.

Customers may also visit LESCO Wapda offices in Lahore to pay their electricity bills in addition to LESCO. Customers can confirm the total, the number of units consumed, and other billing-related details. After accessing the link, LESCO customers can find their bill Bijli (duplicate power bill). Establishing LESCO served the essential goal of maintaining concerns with the Lahore electric company linked to LESCO rate, LESCO bill copy, load shading schedule, and lesco bill online view Lahore.

LESCO Bills Complaint centre

For the fulfilment of LESCO customers Customers of LESCO can file complaints about their Lahore electricity bills at the Lahore Electric Company complaint centre. To save time and reduce stress, the Lahore energy company offers LESCO customers the option of viewing their bills online and via their mobile devices.

One may request a duplicate LESCO bill in the event that a consumer LESCO bill is missing. Consumers of a company should be interested in learning about its tariff, and LESCO customers can do the same.

There is a LESCO hotline available for the benefit of LESCO clients, who can use it to pay their bijli bill, tariff, LESCO bill copy, and load shedding. Additionally, problems with FESCO, MEPCO, GEPCO, and other electricity supplier firms.

LESCO Consumers

Every customer is assigned an ID number by LESCO in order to identify them. Because the consumer can access his or her bijli bill online by inputting this id, it is of the utmost importance. The consumer can also examine the tariff on their bill. Customers can also introduce themselves to the Lahore Electricity Bill Company representative. By using this ID on the LESCO hotline, the consumer can check their lesco bills online. WAPDA’s online bill service is another option for checking it. Using the same ID, LESCO duplicate bills can also be checked. If a consumer cannot locate their LESCO bills Bijli or if a bills is missing. By utilising this ID number, LESCO customers can pay their bills online.

Lesco Online Bills system

For the convenience of LESCO consumers, Lahore Electric Supply Organization will soon have a new online system. By using it, customers can settle their meter-related LESCO and bijli invoices without spending any of their valuable time or money. The LESCO online duplicate electricity bills service is accessible for this purpose. This service is accessible every day of the week, twenty-four hours a day. WAPDA and bijli bill-related problems can be resolved with this service.